Terms and Conditions

Booking Request: Enquiries do not constitute a confirmation of booking.

USD Payments: For properties/ villas where prices are quoted in US dollars, payment will be collected in US dollars, unless an exchange rate for other currencies has been agreed on prior to the payment being made. Any and all bank charges incurred due to bank transfer will need to be paid by the guest.

Security Deposit: For all villa bookings, a security deposit will be collected either prior to arrival or on arrival. Incase of no damages, the amount will be returned either on check out or within 14 days after check out. Incase of any damages, the manager at the property/ villa will estimate the charges for the damages and the balance will be refunded. Incase the damages cannot be determined at the time of check out, the security deposit will be withheld and the balance returned as soon as the actual costs have been determined. Incase of excessive or unacceptable loss or damage is done during the stay, Myoki Hideaways/ villa or property manager may ask you to vacate the property/ villa without any refund or compensation.

Property/ Villa Rules: Myoki Hideaways features, markets and books a range of properties/ villas. Each property/ villa may have its own specific rules that guests/ groups need to adhere to. We request you to please read the details about the property and seek clarifications as required prior to making a reservation with payment. Certain conditions such as age limits, nature of the group, smoking restrictions, pet rules etc may be applicable for the property/ villa that is being booked. Once the booking has been confirmed with payment, cancellation policy will apply.

Strict Rules: Guests are not permitted to use the property/ villa for illegal or immoral purposes. If we consider the property/ villa being misused, we reserve the right to ask you to vacate. No refund will be provided. The use of drugs is against the law. If any guest is found to be using drugs or having as much as called a drug peddler, the group will be required to vacate the property/ villa immediately. You will not be entitled to any refund. Incase the group does not agree to vacate the premises, the manager will be forced to inform the local police.

Noise Pollution: The law to play loud amplified music outside after 10 am prohibits it. The guests must adhere to this law and ensure music played does not disturb those around.

Events & Celebrations: Special celebrations/ events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate meetings and conferences, team outings, shoots, etc may be held in the property/ villa. In this case, incase you’d like to invite day guests (beyond the number of people who will be staying the night at the property/ villa), prior permission will be required and confirmed as not all properties/ villas allow or support events. For such events, additional security deposit may be applicable and will be determined on case to case basis.

Number of People: The number of people (adults, children, domestic help/ staff) staying overnight at the villa must not exceed the number given at the time of booking without prior confirmation by the property/ villa manager/ or the team at Myoki Hideaways. If any of the visitors are found to be staying the night, we reserve the right to charge for additional guests incase the number of people is within the limit allowed in the villa. In compliance with the law, a photo identity proof for each member of the group will be required at the time of check in.

Safety & Security: The safety of all guests in the property/ villa will be the sole responsibility of the guests/ lead guest who has made the reservation. Care and precaution should be taken especially with children. Adult supervision on the children is advised at all times around the pool, road and any other danger zones. Myoki Hideaways/ villa or property manager will not be liable for any accidents and injuries caused in or outside of the property/ villa booked.

Services of the Property/ Villa Staff: We request you to be respectful and considerate towards the staff servicing you at the property/ villa that has been booked. You may not ask the staff to leave the property/ villa at any time other than to purchase ingredients as required for food preparation or goods that you’d like them to procure on your behalf.

Cancellation Policy: The cancellation policy may differ incase bookings are done at discounted rates or during long weekends, festivals and holiday periods.The cancellation policy as mentioned in the booking confirmation will be applicable for the specific booking on the total booking amount. Payment schedules may vary depending on the property booked.

Forced Cancellations: If the cancellation or damage arises due to ‘force majeure’ such as acts of God, strikes, Government actions industrial actions, war disturbances of any type etc, or if there is any loss including erratic water and electricity supply or damages caused on account the above, Myoki Hideaways shall not be made liable.

Travel Insurance: We highly recommend arranging for adequate travel and medical insurance.

Jurisdiction: Any dispute arising shall be filed in the competent court having jurisdiction over Bangalore, Karnataka, India.