If you’re looking for an enchanted island stay in Sri Lanka where nothing but the sounds of nature break the silence, this exotic mansion is it! Perfect for milestone celebrations or a vacation with family and friends.

What we love

  • ​If you’ve ever fantasized about what it would be to own or live on a private island, this is your chance to live the dream! Cocooned in the arms of the bay, with the waves crashing against the cliff, the marine creatures making a shy appearance, the sun, sky and sea performing their moody drama, this mansion is really a slice of paradise where time is governed by the heavenly celestial elements.
  • The grand octagonal mansion is wrapped around with verandahs that allow in plenty of natural light and sea-breeze. It’s not only played host to nobles and royals and but also inspired artists, writers and celebrities!
  • Each of the five ensuite bedrooms open up to stunning views of the Indian ocean. Lay in bed and watch the waves peak and crash, the sea change colours through the day or observe the stilt-fishermen patiently fish on the azure waters. The rooms, furnished elegantly in period furniture, will evoke a sense of serenity with the cool blue and white hues that seamlessly merge with the waters beyond.
  • The romantic vacation extends onto the infinity pool where one can lounge around for hours on while having his/ her favourite drink or reading a book or spend contemplative time in the blooming gardens.

What to know

  • The best part about dining here is not just the food, but all the gorgeous locales where you can dine. From enjoying a candle-lit poolside dinner to sipping herbal tea in the verandah watching the sun rise on the shimmering silvery water, every gastronomic experience promises to be heavenly. We recommend you go for the many sea-food dishes including the resident chef’s famous mouth-watering fish curries accompanied with wild mango chutney and watalappan that comes with treacle and fresh buffalo curd.
  • You can arrive here on a helicopter or if you’re the adventurous sort, you could navigate the waters on the back of an elephant, or on foot or on a boat.
  • The incredibly hospitable and thoughtful staff will go out of their way to make you feel like royalty. From narrating the wonderful history of the place to discreetly burning mosquito incense, they’ll do everything they can to make sure you have a comfortable stay.
  • The mansion is located on an island in the middle of the ocean, so you’ll need to bid adieu to high speed WiFi (limited WiFi is available) or television here. The perfect place if you’re looking for a break from technology.
  • If you’ve got a milestone birthday or anniversary coming up and wish to celebrate it in style with your loved family and friends, this island escape will swoon both you and your guests! Pop star Kylie Minogue, who also stayed here, even wrote a song about the place!
 5 Bedrooms
 5 Bathrooms
 Sleeps 2 to 10 people


  • Airconditioning
  • Balcony/ sit out area
  • Television
  • Hot water
  • Hair dryer
  • Complimentary water
  • Room Service
  • Internet


  • Wifi
  • Local phone
  • Car rental facility
  • Credit card accepted


  • Living and lounge area
  • Dining Area
  • Lawns/ gardens
  • Living and lounge area


  • Television
  • DVD Player
  • Music Player/ speakers
  • Ipod docking station
  • Swimming Pool
  • Barbecue set up
  • Massage & spa


  • Wheelchair access
  • Child friendly
  • Parking
  • Suitable for events
  • Pets allowed


  • Washing machine/ Dryer
  • Ironing facilities
  • Towels/ toiletries
  • Laundry


  • Bar
  • Chef can prepare whatever you want!


  • Manager
  • Housekeeper
  • Chef/ cook
  • Security personnel


  • Fridge
  • Stove
  • Microwave
  • Oven/ Toaster
  • Water filter/ purifier


  • Fire extinguisher
  • Doctor on call
  • Power back up
  • Safety locker
Below rates are indicative. Send booking request for lowest rates Show rates in Indian Rupee
Room Type Currency 1 May to 31
July '18
1 August to 31
August '18
1 September to 14
December '18
15 December to 31
January '19
1 February to 30
April '19
Full Mansion - 5 Bedrooms INR 71,209 124,615 71,209 156,659 124,615

Rate Includes

  • ​Accommodation for upto 10 people
  • All applicable taxes and service charges
  • One complimentary lunch or dinner on the day of arrival

Additional Details


  • Taxes of 14% will be applicable on the above mentioned rates.

Extra Bed Charges:

  • Extra beds can be provided on request at an additional charge.

Cancellation Policy:

  • For cancellations made more than 11 days prior to the date of arrival, 50% will be charged
  • For cancellation made within 10 days prior to the date of arrival, no refund will be provided

Awesome Things to do nearby


Stilt Fishermen

In the past, to battle crowded fishing spots, fishermen affixed sticks in coral reefs right on the water during dawn and dusk to get their catch of the day while balancing themselves delicately on right angled offshoots known as ‘petta’. Many of these fishermen pose for the camera between Welligama and Unawatuna on the coastal strip and earn a better living than by just fishing!

Stilt Fishermen | Photo Credits: Steve McCurry
Stilt Fishermen | Photo Credits: Steve McCurry

Mirissa Dolphin & Whale Watching

Regardless of which part of the Western coastal strip you’re staying at, we’d highly recommend an excursion to Mirissa to go dolphin and whale watching! The excursions start in the early hours of the day where you join a group of people and head out deep into the sea. On the way, while you soak in the vastness of the sea, trained guides will help you spot the different types of playful dolphins that spy hop and leap out of the water to take stock of their surroundings!

Whales, fewer in number and deeper in the sea, are tougher to spot. But in the company of those who make these trips into the sea everyday, you’re bound to spot one! Watch out for the whale’s spout that appears like a fountain of water, a signal to keep the camera’s ready and eyes wide open! Book with Mirissa Water Sports or Raja & the Whales.

Dolphin Watching, Mirissa, Sri Lanka
Dolphin Watching, Mirissa, Sri Lanka
Whale Watching, Mirissa, Sri Lanka
Whale Watching, Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Galle Fort & Lighthouse

The quaint historical town of Galle is a delightful example of Portuguese and Dutch architecture that seamlessly blends in with native traditions. A fortified city that bravely bounced back after the 2004 tsunami, the Galle city is full of wonders and surprises if you’ve got a quick eye and are ready to explore. There’s nothing like spending a day strolling along the decadent ramparts or the ancient cobbled paths with fascinating names such as the ” Moorse Kramerstraat” or the Pedlar Street while peaking into the magnificent Dutch Reformed Church.

Take a selfie with the oldest breadfruit tree in Galle and or have an engaging conversation with many a writers and artists who take a seat at their favourite watering holes in and around the fort area. Call it day with a visit to the Galle lighthouse soaking in the panoramic views.

Southern Ramparts of Galle Fort
Southern Ramparts of Galle Fort
Galle Fort Lighthouse
Galle Fort Lighthouse

Barefoot, Galle Fort

​Address: 41 Peddlar Street, Galle Fort, Galle | Phone: +94 91 2226299 | Open: Mon to Sat: 9 am to 8 pm, Sundays: 10 am to 6 pm

If you have a taste for the artsy, you must stop at Barefoot- a boutique gift shop founded in 1964 and curated by the talented Barbara Sansoni who is famous for her eclectic designs. Choose from a colourful variety of hand-woven sarongs and mats, cute hand bags, cloth toys, draped garments, ethnic jewelry and stunning home décor pieces. Bring home the vagabond Barefoot mouse toy for your kid while you pick up and some interesting collection of local tea from Sri Lanka for family and friends back home.

If you’re there over a weekend, stop by for dinner of black pork curry and red wine or beer to live jazz music, played just on Fridays evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Barefoot, Galle Fort, Galle
Barefoot, Galle Fort, Galle
Barefoot, Galle Fort, Galle
Barefoot, Galle Fort, Galle

Exotic Roots

​Address: 36 Church Stree, Galle Fort, Galle | Phone: +94 91 2 245454

Exotic Roots has everything an art lover would want from stunning acrylic on cotton paintings to hand designed plates and bold artsy kitschy household objects ranging from tiles to vases. You could also take back a quartz ring for your beloved or a ruby red scarf for winter.

Exotic Roots, Galle Fort
Exotic Roots, Galle Fort

National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is the perfect haunt for history lovers and those passionate about the sea. This place is alive with antique underwater artefacts and life-size dioramas. Learn all about the history of fishing while admiring sailing paraphernalia (some over 800 years old) - an experience that’ll take you back into the era of Columbus and Vasco da Gama!

National Maritime Museum, Galle Fort, Galle
National Maritime Museum, Galle Fort, Galle

The Three by TPV

Adress: 43 Leyn Baan Street, Galle Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka | Phone: +94 91 2 231003

The boutique store of Three by TPV will call you out from a distance. Bathed in white, this stunning corner store in the heart of Galle fort, has an eclectic collection of home decor items, exquisite jewelry, paintings and fashionable clothes. Each item on display has been carefully handpicked and designed by a team that’s passionate about design.

Give your own home a make over mini make over or spruce it up with one of the many collectibles from here. The boutique is also the perfect place to pick up a little something for friends and family back home. Even if you don’t end up buying anything at all, which by the way will be tough to do, just browsing through the store is such a lovely experience!

The Three by TPV, Galle Fort
The Three by TPV, Galle Fort
The Three by TPV, Galle Fort
The Three by TPV, Galle Fort

Stick No Bills

Address: 35 Church Street, Galle Fort | Phone: +94 774 834 262 | Open: 8 am to 8 pm

Originally built to showcase the rich culture and beauty of Sri Lanka, the flagship gallery is situated in a Dutch colonial townhouse and stocks a lovely variety of vintage and retro themed travel and film posters.

While the travel posters showcase a quirky side of ‘Ceylon’ often ignored by mainstream media, the film section that stocks premium classic Bollywood and Hollywood posters is a haven for cinephiles. Splurge to your heart’s content and bring a whiff of Sri Lanka back home.

If you’re an artist, you could send in your works as well, and who knows, if liked, it could be up on the walls, available for sale to the many tourists who set afoot on this fort town of Sri Lanka!

Stick No Bills, Galle Fort
Stick No Bills, Galle Fort
Stick No Bills, Galle Fort
Stick No Bills, Galle Fort

Spa Ceylon

Combining elegant luxury with ancient Ayurvedic techniques, Spa Ceylon is the magic haven where you go to rejuvenate yourself and emerge healed, beautiful and tranquil. If you’ve got the luxury of time, go for a full body ritual or pick up a collection of nail and body creams, exfoliating bars or wellness oils and balms from one of their many stores across Sri Lanka.

Spa Ceylon, Sri Lanka
Spa Ceylon, Sri Lanka